Landing Pages Overview and Checklist

by Dozen Digital


Why should you care about landing pages?

Landing pages allow for the quick and easy creation of pages with clear marketing goals. They can focus visitors on a singular goal by removing distractions, thereby increasing conversion rates. They are also a useful way to create pages that may only be of short term use, such as giveaway pages. 

When are landing pages right for you?

Landing pages may be right for you if you are doing a substantial amount of advertising. They are also useful as a lead generation tool, for A/B testing without affecting the main website, and for companies with small or overbooked technical teams. 

When are landing pages not right for you?

Ecommerce/B2C companies may not need landing pages. Further, if your current site has strong landing pages already, it may not be necessary to create new ones. 

How do landing pages fit into the big picture?

Landing pages are used as pages for marketing efforts that can speak directly to specific groups of visitors. Landing pages are generally seen as less core to the web presence. 

What are the most important high-level landing page concepts?

When creating landing pages, it is important to focus visitors on achieving a very specific goal, give social proof and supply only relevant information, offer good "lead magnets" when using them for lead generation, and to set up post sign-up marketing automation systems.

Where are the best resources online for landing pages?



  • Have a a single goal/focus of page
  • Include the right SEO elements, including headers, good URLs, a meta description and strong Title tag 
  • Use copy that conveys urgency
  • Use copy that conveys scarcity
  • Add social proof in the form of testimonials, number of social media likes, etc
  • Include multiple contact methods
  • Set up different landing pages for different purposes
  • Always be A/B testing elements on the pages
  • Include directional cues in the imagery
  • Match visual design with advertising creative
  • Add video if possible
  • Ensure your subheader clearly describes your offer
  • Include benefits (not features) in bullet points 
  • Use clear, simple copy
  • Include your unique selling proposition
  • Don't include navigational elements or external links
  • Ensure that the layout is responsive
  • Ensure the headline matches the traffic source
  • Use actionable, value-focused words in the headline
  • Include only necessary fields in forms, and clearly draw viewer's attention from other elements on the page
  • Include your privacy policy and terms and conditions
  • Have a call-to-action that is large, prominent, centrally located, and features unique copy
  • Ensure a quality confirmation page with information about what the visitor can expect next

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