Email Marketing and Automation Overview and Checklist

by Dozen Digital


Why should you care about Email Marketing and Automation?

Email subscribers have given you permission to send them marketing and most people online spend a large portion of their day in their inbox. 

When is Email Marketing and Automation right you?

Email is almost always an important channel. The depth of an automation plan is typically directly proportional to the length of the sales cycle. 

When is Email Marketing and Automation not right for you?

Email is almost always an important consideration. The extent to which automation is important depends on the company and the length of the sales cycle. 

How does Email Marketing + Automation fit into the big picture?

Email marketing can fit into different parts of the purchase funnel. It can be used to educate, warm leads, drive conversions and encourage re-engagement/sharing. 

What are the most important high-level Email Marketing + Automation concepts?

Capturing emails often requires offering something of value first. The more personalized and relevant an email is, the most likely it is to be acted upon. 

Where are the best resources online for Email Marketing + Automation?


  • Use a welcome series to explain your company/product (ideally around 3 or 4 emails over a few weeks)
  • Use behavior-based emails that are triggered based on the actions that your users perform on your site
  • Use newsletters to update subscribers on sales, partnerships, and company updates
  • Use an email course for longer-form content and educational purposes
  • E-commerce: Use email for inspiration and information before purchase
  • E-commerce: Use abandoned shopping cart emails
  • E-commerce: Use post-purchase review emails
  • E-commerce: Send transactional/informational emails (for example, shipping confirmations) 
  • E-commerce: Try referral program emails
  • E-commerce: Try "Share Your Purchase" emails
  • E-commerce: Try product review emails (and use the Net Promoter System)
  • E-commerce: Try sending emails to re-engage old customers based on the length of time since their last purchase
  • E-commerce: Try sending recommended products
  • E-commerce: Try sending emails based on the aggregate amount of purchases or sales amounts
  • E-commerce: Try upsell emails
  • B2B: Start with a map of the lead nurturing process
  • B2B: Understand the prospects’ buying cycle
  • B2B: Understand the buying personas
  • B2B: Use a CRM to feed data into automation series
  • B2B: Use automations based on lead scoring
  • B2B: Send lead-nurturing flows
  • B2B: Use case studies for prospects that are close to purchasing
  • B2B: Use a cold lead workflow
  • All emails: Include calls to action
  • All emails: Set up UTM tracking for Google Analytics
  • All emails: Be sure to segment your lists
  • All email: Ensure mobile friendliness

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