Content Distribution Overview and Checklist

by Dozen Digital


Why should you care about Content Distribution?

Content distribution efforts drive both referral traffic and long-term SEO traffic.

When is Content Distribution right for you?

Content distribution is right for you when you’re already creating compelling content but do not yet have an audience for it.

When is Content Distribution not right for you?

You're not ready to distribute your content if the content isn't high-quality. 

How does Content Distribution fit into the big picture?

Content distribution is an important part of generating organic traffic. SEO requires links and links can come from effective content distribution. Good content distribution also establishes credibility and trust with your potential customers and partners. 

What are the most important high-level Content Distribution concepts?

You should always begin with effective content. Building relationships with potential sharers should start early. Focus on communities and people who are most likely to appreciate the value of the content.

Where are the best resources online for Content Distribution?



  • Find online conversations where your content can help to address the questions being asked or add to the discussion (Mention is a great tool for this)
  • Start building relationships with influencers early
  • Start by providing value without promoting content
  • Find relevant subreddits and contribute meaningfully before posting your own content
  • Answer relevant questions on Quora and link to your post
  • Post on Linkedin groups with significant activity
  • Repurpose your content as a slide deck and share it on Slideshare
  • Post on all major social channels (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Linkedin, Pinterest)
  • Send the article to your email list via a newsletter or as part of an ongoing series
  • Submit your content to niche communities where people post content regularly (Product HuntHacker News, etc)
  • Hire a PR firm that can help you to get published in more established media outlets
  • Submit to aggregators such as the Buzzfeed community section
  • Use Buzzsumo to find people who have shared similar content and reach out to them
  • Use Buzzstream to improve and scale your outreach and linkbuilding efforts
  • Offer content as a guest post for others to post
  • Use the Linkedin publishing platform and pay for promotion of your post
  • Use Facebook-sponsored posts to reach your ideal audience and gain visibility and shares
  • Use content distribution networks such as Outbrain and Taboola
  • Repurpose your content in different forms for different channels (infographics, short videos, FAQs, etc)

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