Content Creation Overview and Checklist

by Dozen Digital


Why should you care about Content Creation?

A large portion of digital marketing hinges on content creation. Potential customers need validation that you are knowledgeable, informative, and an authority in your industry. This validation is best found in compelling written content, videos and infographics that help to build trust with your potential audience. 

When is Content Creation right for you?

Creating content is right for you if you have a long-term view of the value of compelling content, if you have a plan for the distribution of your content, if your industry is not already saturated with effective content and if your customers value the transparency that good content can provide. 

When is Content Creation not right for you?

Creating content may not be right for you if you don’t have the ability to promote your content or if your industry is already saturated with great content. 

How does Content Creation fit into the big picture?

Content creation can be useful for both paid and organic traffic. Content can drive someone down the purchase funnel, from initial awareness to purchase. 

What are the most important high-level Content Creation concepts?

A good starting point is to look at what has done well in the past within your industry and to replicate or improve upon it. Longer and more thorough content will typically perform better than shorter content. 

Where are the best resources online for Content Creation?

CanvaPiktochartGiphyInfogramContentlyAdobe PostAdobe Premiere Clip, ContentForest Ideator



  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • Define your ideal persona
  • Use high quality images
  • Use call to actions on your posts
  • Use the right keyword for SEO opportunity
  • Translate successful content into other mediums
  • Do initial research in subreddits, forums, Quora, etc to find discussions/pain points
  • Idea: A comprehensive list of industry stats/research
  • Idea: A top 100+ post on a relevant topic
  • Idea: Respond to a controversial article or video
  • Idea: Predict trends in your niche or industry
  • Idea: Create a decision guide (text, image, tool)
  • Idea: Ask your readers to submit a story of their experience with your product or service
  • Idea: Update old successful posts
  • Idea: Contact leaders in your field and have them answer a question and put into post
  • Idea: Poll or survey your audience
  • Idea: Create content based on trending topics
  • Idea: Create ultimate resource or guide
  • Idea: Write a content curation post
  • Idea: Write a comparison post
  • Idea: Take surveys and publish results
  • Idea: Top 10 resource lists (blogs, hacks, tools)
  • Idea: Create a ‘hack’ post: A list of workarounds for a common problem or issue
  • Idea: Create a beginner’s guide with helpful, actionable information and tips
  • Idea: Write a post inspired by a blog comment
  • Idea: Review a recent book/movie that would be relevant to your audience
  • Idea: A list of inspirational or motivational quotes
  • Idea: List of useful articles/resources on a topic
  • Idea: Write a post listing and linking to all your articles on a particular topic or theme
  • Idea: Write a behind the scenes post

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