Senior Digital Marketing Account Strategist


About Us

We’re a small digital marketing group based in New York City, and we’re looking for someone great to join our team. We work with a diverse range of start-ups and small companies, taking a hands-on approach to help them acquire customers and grow their business. Given the dynamic nature of our working environment, we’re looking for someone who learns fast, works independently, and wants to make an impact from day one.

We see digital marketing as a combination of two efforts: 
1) Brand development
2) Customer acquisition

While many agencies thrive as brand developers, we build customer acquisition systems. The combination of creative and analytical, experience-driven and data-driven, can lead to great results for our clients.

This means that we employ a variety of strategies, tools and techniques to build scalable customer acquisition systems. These include: 

  • - Search Engine Optimization 
  • - Email Marketing + Automation 
  • - Conversion Rate Optimization 
  • - Google Adwords 
  • - Facebook Advertising 
  • - Web Analytics 
  • - Content Creation 
  • - Content Distribution 
  • - Copywriting
  • - Landing Pages

What We’re Looking For

Someone to take a leadership role at Dozen Digital across all of these functions. You will be working with clients to identify their main needs, in order to create a comprehensive strategy for them. Then, you will translate this strategy into discrete tasks for our team to execute, and oversee this process while communicating with the client on any updates or changes. You will play a crucial role in ensuring that the work delivered to the client is of the highest quality and able to meet their needs.

The ideal candidate will have

- Experience with (or at least substantial knowledge of) the topics above
- At least 3+ years of experience working at an agency or in-house
- Direct experience managing digital accounts
- Strong organizational and project management skills
- Track record of building strong client relationships
- Able to communicate messages clearly and concisely, both in writing and orally

Why Would You Join Us? 

- You want to join a small team that faces new challenges daily
- You want to help shape an organization as it grows
- You want to be involved in every facet of digital marketing campaign, not just one piece
- You want to think both creatively and analytically and you wouldn’t be happy if you had to choose one

How to Apply

Email with a resume and short cover letter. In your cover letter, include links to any public profiles (Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Blog, Github, etc) and explain why you are interested in digital marketing.