Hello World!

Hi there!

Welcome to the Dozen Digital blog. Hopefully this is the first of many times you find your way over here :) 

I wanted to first introduce you to our team. 


My name is Jim and I’m the founder of Dozen Digital. I’ve been doing digital marketing since 2008, first as a co-founder of Roomorama.com, and subsequently as a consultant to over 25 companies in the last year a half. 

I do this because I like helping people. And whether they are a business owner or a key member of a larger company, their business is important to them. They want to see it succeed, and we want to help them do that.


E-Lynn joined on at Dozen Digital in the early days (it sure seems like more than a year ago). She does everything, and does it well. Coming from a liberal arts background, learning to code in college, and working at a school for underprivileged kids in Queens, she has the breadth of skills that make for a great digital marketer.


Kevin and I have known each other for over 10 years. We reconnected a few years ago while playing on a basketball team at Chelsea piers. I made sure to get him the ball in the post when everyone else would just shoot threes (I did plenty of that too). His post-game is only outmatched by his ability to keep things moving in the right direction at Dozen Digital, building new relationships in the community and keeping us stocked with snacks and Wandering Bear coffee (on the way). 


Eamon has joined the team recently as the head of our copywriting and content creation efforts. His diverse background and varied interests (hip-hop to philosophy and everything in between) make him instrumental to the success of our projects. Go follow him on Quora. You will be entertained.


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