A thank you note to Rand Fishkin

This is a short post, but one that I needed to write.

Back in about 2008, I had left a job in finance and was working as an intern for a startup based in NYC. I was only a few years out of college and had no idea how I would actually be helpful to this particular startup and to the digital economy at large.

At this startup, we had an SEO agency that didn’t seem to be doing much, so I told my bosses that I would learn SEO and do it. I told them to not bother me for two weeks and I would learn enough about SEO and SEM to run those campaigns.

Fast forward 7 years or so and I have this small digital marketing agency, Dozen Digital.

If it wasn’t for Moz, and in particular, for Rand, I wouldn’t have as fulfilling of a career as I do. And there are likely a handful of people that get to this post that have a similar story.

Rand’s desire to always give back to the community, to continually teach and push the boundaries of this industry, and to do so in a kind and honest way, has been an inspiration to me and I’m sure many others.

So thank you Rand, for setting the bar high and for being a part in creating rewarding careers for people that you may never know or meet, like me.